Atlanta Real Estate Lawyer

Your business is the realization of your dream. We understand that you don’t want to be treated like a number when you walk through the doors of this law office. We’ve spent years working one-on-one with clients and companies in multiple areas related to commercial real estate, and are well versed in the multiple details involved in Georgia business and real estate law. This includes real estate litigation, broker disputes, commercial leases, and any other legal issue arising from buying, selling, and leasing of commercial property  in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.

Regardless of your legal situation, we can work with you to craft the kind of specific legal strategies that get things done. We have handled lawsuits associated with owning property, problems with licenses, breaches of contract, legal transactions, easements, party walls, partitioning and other land use disputes, as well as landlord/tenant disagreements. How may we help you today?

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

We work with buyers, sellers, owners, land developers, property managers, property management companies, real estate brokers, builders, construction companies, and contractors on a regular basis.

We can help you enforce the terms of a commercial lease, handle foreclosures and liens, and resolve disputes with insurance companies.

We want you to have every possible opportunity and realize every goal in your small business or growing company. If we can help with any commercial real estate legal matter in Marietta, and the rest of metropolitan Atlanta, please contact us at (770) 421-6040.

Disputes with Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Members of any official Association of Realtors are sworn to abide by a certain code of ethics when doing business with a client. This includes a duty to accurately advise clients in all aspects of a transaction. If you are a broker and a client accuses you of failing to meet these standards, he or she may try to take legal action against you. We can help protect you in that event.

On occasion a commercial real estate broker is not compensated according to the terms of his agreement with his client or a third-party. In the State of Georgia, a commercial real estate broker  has certain rights, including lien rights, that he may use to obtain his commission.

Perry Phillips is a strong advocate for broker’s rights. If you are involved in a disagreement or dispute with a party to a real estate transaction, whether buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, or if you have not received the commission you are due from the sale of property, please contact our office immediately at (770) 421-6040.

Commercial Lease Review

As an experienced real estate attorney, Perry Phillips assists clients with reviewing, developing, and negotiating individualized and standard form commercial leases. When necessary, he can ensure that commercial lease provisions address required insurance issues, HVAC, parking, noise, and other crucial elements. We can draw up leases and rental agreements for commercial buildings, office space , a warehouse or other industrial property.

If you need to draw up a commercial lease of any kind, get in touch with our office today at (770) 421-6040.