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Attorney Perry Phillips is a lawyer and business owner in Marietta, Georgia with more than 30 years’ experience in business law. His practice covers commercial leases, real estate broker disputes, breach of contract cases, business litigation, corporate transactions, business formation, business dissolution, and appeals. He successfully represents sole proprietorships, small businesses, companies, firms, commercial partnerships, brokerages, franchises, corporations, organizations, LLPs, and LLCs in the greater Atlanta area.

Want to start a business?

Many business owners don’t initially realize how high-maintenance a business can be. It takes a dream, a lot of work and careful planning, and a lot more paperwork to start and maintain your operation. To keep the doors open, you and your employees must constantly and accurately keep up-to-date files and paperwork, tax records, bank accounts, transaction records, legal forms, licenses, and other official records according to regulations at local, state, and federal levels.

At the law firm of Perry A. Phillips, LLC, we’re here to help you with the complicated process of selecting the legal entity that is a perfect fit for your new business, and then keeping the doors open once you get started.

Business Disputes

Since numerous detailed legal liabilities already affect the daily operations of any legitimate company, you must have a competent, experienced business litigation attorney at your side if any dispute makes the leap from the boardroom to the courtroom.

If your business is involved in a legal entanglement, you must fully utilize experienced legal counsel from the beginning. What are your rights? What are your choices? What are your obligations? This is no time to become frustrated by complicated legal regulations; a good, seasoned business law attorney knows exactly what your options are and can fully prepare you to face any legal action, no matter how intimidating it initially sounds.

Your lawyer should be familiar enough with your operation and your specific situation to minimize the impact a legal dispute has on the business you’ve worked so hard to build. The law firm of Perry Phillips, LLC, can demystify the process for you with unparalleled attention to the important details that can make or break a case. This includes small claims, alternative dispute resolution and out of court settlements.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is what happens when a business or party fails to keep a contractual promise. Unfortunately, it is very common. Many companies and corporations repeatedly overlook contractual obligations, forcing an individual or business to sue in order to enforce the agreement.

In the state of Georgia, if you sue for breach of contract, you may be entitled to recover damages and losses that resulted from the breach. It is possible for you to recover money you spent and lost in the course of the breached agreement, including legal fees you incur while attempting to force the other party to comply with the contract.

In some cases, the person who did not break the contract can ask the court to rescind or nullify the contract altogether. This is commonly requested when the injured party unknowingly entered into a fraudulent contract. On occasion a party who sues on a fraudulent contract may recover all of the fees and expenses associated with a lawsuit, and punitive damages in addition to actual damages.


If a business owner is unhappy with the outcome of a previous trial and believes an error by the court affected that outcome, he or she can request that the court review the decision. Timing, jurisdiction, and other laws dictate where and when you can file an appeal. Once it’s filed, an appellate court will review the lower court’s ruling and ultimately determine to either uphold, reverse, or modify that ruling.

For experienced and responsive legal representation in all matters involving business administration, please contact Atlanta business attorney, Perry A. Phillips today!