Commercial Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Marietta, Georgia Real Estate Attorneys

Considering real estate transactions usually involve large sums of monies changing hands it would make sense to have an attorney on your side. A real estate attorney can help you negotiate, understand, and execute commercial real estate transactions. Marietta, Georgia real estate attorneys at the law offices of Perry A. Phillips have 30 years of experience behind them and are ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Our firm represents landowners, tenants, and landlords during the commercial real estate litigation process. We handle and advise our clients on matters that may arise before purchase, during the purchase, or after the purchase. Commercial real estate transactions are not complicated but ensure your investment is protected. Some of our commercial real estate experience includes:

  • Financing, warranties and disclosures
  • Evictions/dispossessory actions against commercial tenants, including post-judgment actions
  • Warranties and restrictions on use of land
  • Allegedly fraudulent representations
  • Defects in title and land descriptions
  • Disputes with liability insurers or title insurers
  • Boundary, easement and right-of-way disputes
  • Landlord / tenant issues, including eviction, failure to pay rent, and use of property
  • Third party liability claims when visitors are injured on leased land

Marietta, Georgia Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

If you are considering purchasing property, changing property ownership, or have other commercial real estate concerns, rely on the experience of Perry A. Phillips legal team. The attorneys at Perry A. Phillips Atlanta, Georgia law firm are ready to guide you through the legal process of securing and protecting your property and interests. Let us answer all your questions. Call us to schedule your risk-free consultation at (770) 421-6040.